Do What You Wanna Do 2014年02月05日 / Minnie

Do What You Wanna Do

You do what you wanna do 
And say what you wanna say

So,come on and be my light 
Come on and lead the way

And people speak I hear them say
You won't last another day

You keep me hanging on

I won't ever be gone

You know that something is wrong


I Remember 2013年12月04日 / Minnie

I Remember

I remember...
All the things that we shared,
and the promise we made, just you and I
I remember...
All the laughter we shared,
all the wishes we made, upon the roof that dawn


Let Me Go 2013年09月29日 / Minnie

Let Me Go

Are you listening so please just let me go
because you drive me insane
so please just hear what I say
I beg you Honey, won't you let me go.
You're sure I asked for a sweet surrender?
cause I think you are so tender
I'm a great pretender,
and of course Dear, you sure need it.
I sure know your biggest weakness
You'll accept my sweet politeness
and obey my words of kindness
I won't let you go,


Sunday Afternoon 2013年09月17日 / Minnie

Sunday Afternoon

one sunday on sunday afternoon
i'm so glad that i get out of my room
to see the trees and watch the flowers bloom
better be quick cause the rain might coming soon


Swing It Bob! Feat. Bob Tutupoly 2013年09月11日 / Minnie

Swing It Bob! Feat. Bob Tutupoly

# Hello Dear! What can I do for you?
Will you go and swing along tonight?
Just take a step and they'll do the rest
Just let it flow.. and you will glow
Just like the moonbeam up in the sky tonight #

Never mind.. troubles that may have come
Just go along with the tunes the band are playing
But let’s go and dance!
Let's do tango or a mambo jumbo I don’t care!